Physician Assistant Career Outlook

With a median pay of around $90,000, the field of physician assistants is one that is becoming very popular among students. One worry that students have is are there going to be any jobs left for them when they graduate and how will the field evolve in the future. These are all intelligent questions that anyone who is trying to decide their future should ask. They shouldn’t just let the popularity and the current high demand of this career sway them. What they should do is determine if there will be work for them in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to do this? Somehow a way to predict the future.

Luckily there is something that can do that for you and it is called the bureau of labor statistics which is a branch of the government that tracks this information so that the government and the people will have information about different jobs and careers. It tells us where the marketplace is likely to go, which industries will likely grow and which jobs will be in high demand. It is a very valuable service that they provide.

If you research physician assistant on their website, you will learn that it is a career that is expected to grow exponentially over the next 15 years. It is expected to grow much faster than average.High growth is expected and the demand is expected to increase by 30%. What that means is that people who are interested in getting into this field right now can expect many opportunities for employment and an in demand job. They will be able to plan the future around this career and know that they will be able to make money.

As you can now see, this is a very intelligent choice to make and a field of study that will be well worth the student’s time. They can expect high employment rates, a ton of demand and very high pay. So it is very wise to enter this career field at this time because there will be many different opportunities for you in the future.

This career is expected to grow for many different reasons, one is because the aging baby boomer population and the high cost of healthcare which makes providing doctor care very expensive. Physician assistants will take over many of the duties that a doctor would routinely do. So, there will be a lot to growth in this field. So it is a very good choice for people who are interested in doing this type of work and they can expect a high paying career with a lot of job security.

If you have an inclination towards this career, it is a very great career and occupational Outlook is very bright. You will be able to find a job, make a higher than average salary, your industry will grow faster than any other and you will be able to plan a life around this career.