Physician Assistant Average Salary

How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make?

If you are interested in becoming a physician’s assistant, you will want to obtain as much information about this career path as you possibly can. You will want to learn about the education requirements that await you, and what you need to do to get into a competitive PA program.

It is also likely that you will want to learn more about the salary range for jobs in this field. You will need to obtain a lot of schooling in order to work as a PA? Will you have a strong salary awaiting you when you get out of school?

You’ll find the answers to those questions and more below.

Typical Salaries

The average salary for a physician assistant is $87,342 per year. When looking at this number, it is important to remember that most people in this field have less than 20 years of experience. Because of this, there are very physician assistants who have reached their full potential.

Even entry level positions tend to pay fairly high wages. As someone gains experience and seniority, they will be able to command a much higher salary. The highest paid physician’s assistants are making well over six figures a year.

The Highest Paying Positions

As with most career fields, certain types of PA jobs offer stronger salaries than others do. People are more likely to make a large salary if they work in an emergency room. This is true even when it comes to entry level positions.

Salary Growth

Anyone working as a PA will see a steady increase in their salary for the first 10 years of their career. After that, raises may be more difficult to come by.

With that said, someone that has a lot of experience will be able to transition to other types of positions that offer a higher salary. In addition, a lot of these positions offer excellent benefits.


In most cases, people that are working in the medical field have excellent insurance. This is particularly true of PAs that work in hospitals.

It is also common for people in this position to obtain other types of benefits, such as paid time off. If you are working as a PA, you may get several weeks of PTO each year.

People working as physician’s assistants may have other types of benefits available to them. It is common for people to be offered a 401-k, and short term and long term disability options are usually offered. The benefits offered by these positions make the already high salaries seem much more attractive.

While there is a lot of competition for physician assistant positions, the demand for these jobs is extremely high. Because of this, many of these jobs offer large and appealing salaries. Excellent benefits are also common.

It is very rare to see a PA earning a sub-par salary. The salary range in this field isn’t high; most people working as a physician assistant are making very good money.